At Iwashita, we listen carefully to our customers' needs to create machine tools and purpose-built machines that offer a high level of satisfaction.

Iwashita Industrial Co., Ltd.



Our company does all of the important parts for machines such as processing, assembling, switchboard assembly, wiring, machine design, electric design, systems architecture, and movement examination for machines. Through this structural procedure, we have received good evaluations and we hope to continue to satisfy our customers with our machines.

Company Guidance

Address1-6, Enjyouji, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture
TelTEL 81-776-41-0666
FaxFAX 81-776-41-3715
CEODaisuke Iwashita
Started YearApril 1949
Established YearMay1964 
Capital65,000,000 yen
Number of employees40 people (April 2015) (Average staff age 42 years old)
Business content

Designing and manufacturing metal processing machines

Producing various machinesLong Work-piece NC Processing Machines
Aluminum cutting machine
Milling Machines
Special machine tools and special-purpose machin
High-Speed Reciprocationg Precision Grinder
Double Column Machining Center
Number of our clientsApprox. 29,000 companies(As of January, 2015)
Capacity of producing amountApprox.120 machines a year
Names of executive directorsPresident-Director Daisuke Iwashita
Executive director Iwami Kidoguchi
Member of groupsJapan Machine Tool Builders’ Association Institute
Fukui Machine industry Co-op

Company History

1949Founded Iwashita Industry Company by Tamekichi Iwashita and started producing textile machines.
1954Started producing artificial arms and legs.
1960Started tool machines and milling machines.
1964Established Iwashita Industry Co., Ltd.
1966Recorded over 5,000 output.
1970Changed to Iwashita Co., Ltd.
1973Established Iwashita Trading Co., Ltd. as a sale department.
Developed and produced NC copied milling machines.
1977Recorded over 20,000 output.
1979Developed and produced NC milling machines.
1988Changed Tamakichi Iwashita to chairperson and Haruyuki Iwashita to President-director
1989Developed and produced small-sized machining center “IM43”.
1990Developed and produced milling machines “2RC” and “2VB”.
1991Developed and produced NC milling machines “NR2” and “NV2”.
1993Started producing long work-piece NC processing machines for aluminum sash.
Developed and produced long work-piece NC processing machines(teaching machine IA3306 for aluminum sash).
1994Developed and produced long work-piece NC processing machine “IAM3360”.
1997Developed and produced long work-piece machines “IAMW3325” which were specialized with two heads.
1998Increased our company capital to 30 million yen.
2000Developed and produced running saws for cutting aluminum boards.
2001Developed and produced long work-piece NC processing machines “IMW2048-P2” which have two spindles and two pallets for use of long materials.
2002Developed and produced gate-shaped machining center “IMT1230”.  Increased our company capital to 50 million yen.
2003Developed and produced high-speed reciprocating precision grinding machines “IG-SR102”.
2004Moved to Enjyoji-cho, Fukui and built a new company and factory.
2007Developed and produced high-speed reciprocating precision grinding machines “IG-SR102S” for all kinds use.
2009Increased our company capital to 65 million yen by receiving financial support from Osaka Small Business Investment Co., Ltd.
2010Developed and produced five simultaneous long work-piece processing machines for use of aircrafts ,that is, 5 long work-pieces machining center “IMX4000”.
2013Enlarged main office factory to improve our production.
2014Developed and produced a new model of long work-piece NC processing machines, “IKM series”.
2015Introduced Okuma 5 dimension and gate shaped processing machining center “MCR-BIII” as processing device.