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Long Work-piece NC Processing Machines
6-axis turret head model IA series


※4m model IA3340

acrobat_reader_50x50Long work-piece NC processing Machine Catalogue

Features of 6-axis turret head Model IA Series

  1. Suitable for processing endmill, opening holes, and tapping of long work-piece materials
  2. Highly effective for changing tools by 6-axis turret head
  3. Compatible with up to 8m models

Producible products using 6-axis turret head Model

  • Housing materials, building materials, building exterior, aluminum frames (FA related devices, conveyor, constructional material for cleanroom covers), interior frames of aircrafts, stringers for structural parts of aircrafts, wall surface frames of railroad vehicles, parts for safety fence for home doors

Materials that can be processed with Long work-piece NC processing Machine

  • Usable for aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP).
    ※Consult with us for any other materials.

Basic specification.

Spindle longitudinal travel2050mm3050mm4050mm5050mm6050mm
Numbers of Air vise34567
Spindle vertical travel330mm
Distance from spindle end to vise top400(100~500)mm
Rapid traverse rate (X)24000mm/min
Rapid traverse rate(Y/Z)15000mm/min
Spindle motor1.5/2.2kw
Spindle taperBT30
Spindle speed80~8000min-1
Numbers of turret head6-axis
Numbers of turret headFANUC0i-M


acrobat_reader_50x50Long work-piece NC processing Machine Catalogue

Optional specification

  • BT40 option
  • Spindle cross travel option 430mm
  • Standard size stopper option
  • Footswitch
  • Sub operation panel
  • Machine front up/down type vinyl cover
  • Slotting attachment
  • Angle head
  • Air blow
  • Cutting oil (coolant) unit
  • Telescopic cover (X axis)
  • Touch sensor (vibration type)
  • Revolving warning tower light
  • Specified color