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High-speed Reciprocating Grinding Machines

High-speed Reciprocating Grinding Machines

Able to process not only extremely hard parts, but also small ceramic parts very efficiently in the field of semiconductor as well as compactly fit in 1 square meter.

High-speed Reciprocating Grinding Machine  IG series


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Features of High-speed Reciprocating Grinding Machine

  • Immediate inversion of the table improves grinding ability.
  • The machine has less heat, less cracks, less burns, and less warping.
  • Fixed position inversion and no vibration help grind smoothly.
  • Causes the grinding stone to be much less worn.
  • Includes supplies for poring water, sucking in dust, and paper filtering.

Strongest Points of Our Grinding Machines

  • Unlike general grinding machines, our grinding machines enable small parts to process highly efficiently.
  • Unlike profile grinders to produce super- precise and hard die part, our grinding machines are inexpensive.
  • Our machines are designed to fit in 1 meter square.
  • Our grinding machines are specialized to grind small parts of extremely hard materials or ceramic materials.

Products which are grinded by our High-speed Reciprocating Grinding Machine

The following machines are in high demand by our customers

Precision extremely hard die parts which is used to produce lead frame in the semiconductor package.

Precision extremely hard die parts which cut the unnecessary lead in the semiconductor package.

What is the “lead frame” like?

“Lead frame”, which is a thin metal board used as inner wires in the semiconductor package, plays the role of a bridge between outer wires.

Materials which enable our high-speed reciprocating precision grinding machine to process

Our machines can work with extremely hard, ceramic, aluminum, iron, and resin materials

Basic specifications

Size of working space of the table (R,L x F,R)150 × 102mm
Movable space of the table (R,L)10 ~ 100mm
Movable space of the grinding stone (F,R)100mm
Movable grinding stone core from the upper on the table distance toward the center95~245mm
Maximum amount to load on the table7kg
Turning numbers of inversionMAX.1,000/min
Turning numbers of grinding stone core3,180minM-1
Control unitFANUC Series 0i MODEL

Special specification

  • A simple tip-up cover
  • Grinding stone turning numbers   10,000 times -1
  • Patrol light
  • Front and back/ top and bottom scale field back
  • Optional processing / an automatically taking off unnecessary parts